G-VIR® Gloves

Powder-free Thermoplastic Elastomer Surgical Gloves

G-VIR Surgical Gloves

On 2004, Hutchinson Healthcare launched an innovative surgical glove that combined the power of antimicrobial agents with the barrier protection of a thermoplastic elastomer synthetic surgical glove to provide the ultimate protection against blood borne pathogens.

G-VIR is the first surgical glove incorporating a disinfecting liquid which reduces the viral load transmitted in the event of a percutaneous accident. Every day surgical teams handle sharpened, cutting-edge objects which cause injury and expose them to a risk of viral contamination, AIDS and Hepatitis C being the viruses of greatest concern. The G-VIR surgical gloves were developed just for these situations. They are manufactured using an innovative three layered technology: two outer layers of thermal plastered elastomeric layers which insulate an inner layer containing a disinfecting liquid in droplet form. This innovative structure is designed to offer additional protection in the event of a blood expulsure accident involving a hollow needle, a scalpel, a suture needle, or any other object.

The efficacy of the G-VIR glove has been demonstrated during in vitro test conducted on enveloped virus including the AIDS virus and a viral surrogate of the Hepatitis C virus. As an example, in the event of a percutaneous accident from a hollow needle, the disinfecting liquid from inside the glove comes into direct contact with the inside and the outside of the perforating object. As the needle distorts the outer layer, the pressure breaks the thin elastomeric layer walls separating the droplets and allows a large volume of disinfectant liquid to collect at the point of damage. When the needle pierces the outer layer, the disinfectant liquid is expelled due to the pressure and the elasticity of the material. The in vitro studies have shown that the G-VIR surgical gloves reduces on average 81% the number of Herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1), a common enveloped virus, transmitted in the event of a puncture when compared to a double glove and as much as 95% for the AIDS virus.

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