Neoprene Surgical Gloves

Neoprene surgical gloves are made from synthetic neoprene which is latex-free. Neoprene has been the traditional synthetic material of choice for synthetic surgical gloves. Like latex, neoprene provides excellent barrier protection along with providing similar fit and feel. In contrast, neoprene is less elastic meaning the material does not stretch as far.

Like other surgical glove materials, neoprene surgical gloves are available with polymer inner coating so donning gloves are easier even when hands are damp or dry.

Neoprene surgical gloves are more expensive to manufacture than latex surgical glove, but is more cost effective than polyisoprene gloves. The three primary surgical glove manufacturers are Molnlycke Health Care (formerly Regent Medical), Cardinal Health, and Ansell Professional Healthcare.

Surgical Glove Manufacturers
    Biogel Gloves
    Ansell Gloves
    Cardinal Gloves
    Hutchinson Gloves
    Medline Gloves