Latex Surgical Gloves

Latex surgical gloves are made from natural rubber latex which provide excellent tactile sensitivity and comfort. Latex material is known to have very high elasticity meaning the gloves can stretch well to allow easy donning.

Although surgical gloves are now available in new material like polyisoprene, latex continue to be the material of choice for surgical gloves by surgeons. Today, there are many latex glove options available due to improved technology. For instance, surgical gloves with polymer inner coating are available to provide ease of donning gloves even if hands are damp or dry. Other improvements include underglove indicators that are used while double-gloving to warn surgeons of glove punctures that may occur.

The three primary surgical glove manufacturers are Molnlycke Health Care (formerly Regent Medical), Cardinal Health, and Ansell Professional Healthcare. These manufacturers provide a wide range of latex options which include specialty surgical gloves as well as general-use surgical gloves.