Biogel Skinsense Surgical Underglove

Biogel® Skinsense™ Underglove
Powder-free Neoprene Surgical Underglove

The Biogel® Skinsense™ Underglove is the first Biogel synthetic underglove that is 100% latex-free. Made from neoprene material, this underglove is the prefect complement to Biogel's Skinsense Surgical Gloves for anyone who has sensitivity to latex.

The Skinsense Underglove is ideal to use in high-risk situations where double gloving is recommended. As with all Biogel surgical gloves, the Skinsense Underglove has an inner coating polymer that allows easy donning of the gloves even if your hands are wet. In addition, the Biogel Skinsense Underglove has an outer layer coating that allow you to quickly and easily don another pair of surgical gloves.

Downloadable Literature:
Technical Data Sheet (.pdf)