Medline Surgical Glove

Medline Industries is a $2 billion privately-held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies. As the U.S. market leader of examination gloves, Medline is growing to become a reputable surgical glove company. Medline has a comprehensive selection for latex and latex-free surgical gloves. Since Medline manufactures other medical supplies, many healthcare facilities have found it convenient to use them so they don't have to deal with numerous vendors.

Medline revolutionized the medical glove industry by introducing their Aloetouch exam gloves. These medical gloves use freeze-dried aloe vera on the inside that activates when the gloves are donned. Aloe is known to help combat dry and irritated skin which is great for surgeons and nurses since surgical scrubs with harsh chemicals break down the skin. Medline brought the same technology used in their Aloetouch exam gloves to be used within their surgical glove line.

Key surgical glove brands for Medline Industries include Aloetouch, Sensicare, Eudermic, and their O.R. Classics. As with the other major surgical glove suppliers, Medline has gloves made with latex, polyisoprene, and neoprene material.

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