Hutchinson G-VIR Surgical Gloves

Hutchinson Healthcare (Hutchinson Santé), a subsidiary of Hutchinson Worldwide is the first medical glove manufacturer to utilize antimicrobial agents within their surgical gloves with the introduction of the G-VIR glove line. Hutchinson Worldwide is a world-renown French industrial manufacturer of rubber products that started in 1853 and entered the medical glove industry in 2003. The G-VIR glove is a result of a decade long research for the perfect surgical glove. Innovation was driven by the fact that surgical glove punctures can occur during surgical procedures. The concept of this surgical glove is to provide antimicrobial protection to minimize the transfer of blood borne pathogens in the event blood exposure accidents occur. The primary market for Hutchinson surgical gloves is in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Hutchinson Healthcare only offers their synthetic G-VIR glove within their surgical gloves product line. Today, the G-VIR surgical gloves is sold in over twenty countries in over 200 healthcare facilities.

Hutchinson Healthcare Product Line - Surgical Gloves

  • Synthetic (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Gloves

  • G-VIR®

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