Biogel Surgical Glove

Biogel, now manufactured by Molnlycke Health Care, has a long history of providing the highest standards when it comes to manufacturing surgical gloves. Even with the push to cut costs within the healthcare industry due to harsh economic times, Biogel has maintained its standards of excellence by standing by their products with a continued emphasis on quality.

So why are Biogel gloves different? Molnlycke tests every single glove produced for defects by conducting air inflation tests. Surgeons can rest assured that their Biogel gloves are safe to don. According to GHX Market Intelligence reports from 2008, surgeons in general seem to prefer Biogel over other brands due to its fit and feel when compared to other top brands. The Biogel brand is quite strong and is considered to be the premium glove. The Biogel name pops up during surgical glove evaluations more time than not and is a household name among surgeons.

Molnlycke is particularly well known for key brands which include BARRIER®, Biogel®, HibiAntiseptics™ and ProcedurePak®, Mepilex®, Mepitel®, Mepore®, Mefix®, Tubifast®, Tubigrip® and Xelma®.