Cardinal Health Surgical Glove

Surgeons have trusted Cardinal Health for over 40 years to provide protection via their surgical gloves.Cardinal Health is known for their reliability in providing quality surgical gloves. One method of measuring the quality of medical gloves manufacturerd is the use of Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) measurement. Gloves with lower AQL score will typically have fewer barrier defects. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates an AQL of 1.5 for surgical gloves. Cardinal Health takes it a step further and requires their surgical gloves to have an AQL of 1.09 (lower score is better). To top it off, Cardinal Health received their ISO 9001 certification to reassure us customers on the quality of medical supplies manufactured.

Cardinal Health continually works hard to research in the latest technology to produce the next best medical glove. Their advanced triple-dip bonding technology is such a benefit which gives their latex surgical gloves and improved barrier protection. In addition, Cardinal Health is improving their polyisoprene formulation to have a better fit and feel.

Popular surgical gloves within the Cardinal Health product line include Protegrity®, Triflex®, Esteem® and Duraprene® surgical gloves.

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